27 January 2008

The Spanish Chorizo

Here at Orce Serrano Hams we like writing articles - research is the best part! This one is all about Spanish sausages. We are also currently working on a recipe along with our butcher in Orce village for "The Worlds Hottest Chorizo".... they should be ready late spring so if you like them hot watch this space!

Simply by tasting any of the many varieties of Spanish sausage, warm, romantic and flamboyant images are conjured up: The intense Spanish sun, the seductiveness of flamenco and the passion of the people and the music.

The most famous of the Spanish sausage, the chorizo, captures each of these images with every mouthful. Its vibrant red colouring although synonymous with the passion and heat of the country, is a result of the fine balance and exact use of local herbs and spices which make up this truly typical delight.

Spanish sausages can be hot and fiery, sweet and mild, earthy, peppery, succulent, complex or simple. Whatever the variety, behind each mouthful lies an old and honest side of Spain which is steeped in tradition and family values.

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