4 February 2008

Curing Serrano Ham

Visiting suppliers remains a key aspect in the Orce Serrano Hams business. Most are are family concerns which have been handed down from father to son over the generations. We can still see old fashioned tradition present in these suppliers premises. The pictures below are from the well respected "Ovalo" secadero (curing house) where after salting their hams they are hung up on knotted rope as they have been for generations.

Like any good secadero Ovalo cure a whole range of embutidos including Morcon, chorizo, salchichon, lomo etc etc. As the business has grown over the years so have some of the products... catering for restaurants as well as ourselves some cured meats come in full size, take a pure loin of pork for example - over a meter in length! quite impressive.

The team at Ovalo have never allowed photography to take place on their premises so we were quite privilaged, one thing stood out however and that was the cleanliness of the business - in every aspect before, during and after various types of production.

Ultimately the Ovalo ham had to make it onto our list! A serrano ham not to strong but with a nice texture and fantastic flavour. Great Tapas and a superb ingredient for stuffing into chicken fillets or lightly frying with steak.

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