22 April 2008

National Barbeque Week 2008

National BBQ Week 2008 is from the 26th May through until the 2nd June.

Andalucia is BIG on barbeques with the patio being utilised as an outdoor kitchen for most days during the summer months. Marinades play a key part in flavouring good old barbeque meat - the most popular being Mojo or Canary Island sauce. There are two types available, one for fish and white meat and the other for red meats. Delicious!

The Spanish are very fond of flavouring meat, as with the paella an outdoor BBQ is always a family and friends occasion so recipes have to be at their very best!

Marinading meat is so simple with the end result being an explosion of Spanish flavour, the humble chorizo is also a top favourite for the BBQ grill, apple and chorizo kebabs for example.

Need a Spanish twist for National Barbeque Week? Visit Orce Serrano Hams and get a free bottle of wine, you can also read our article on the ultimate guide to Spanish barbequeing.

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