31 May 2008

Spanish Lomo de "Orza"

Lomo, price per kilo rivals a good serrano ham, it is the cut from the finest loin of the pig and comes in various forms:

Lomo de Corteza - full loin with fat and rind, usually peppered or with rosemary

Lomo Loin - pure tenderloin of cured pork with very (if any) fat.

Lomo de Orza - lightly fried cubes of tenderloin preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

We first discovered Lomo de Orza back in 2006 when we were sourcing different cuts from local producers. These jars of lomo are certainly gourmet - but you will know where the hard earned pennies have gone upon the first taste. Above we have Lomo de Orza sliced and served with fresh green pepper, a tapa that works very well indeed.

As with our last tapa, simplicity works. Andalucian flavour at its very best.

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