23 July 2008

Barbequed Prawns

Prawns...we simply love barbequed prawns! A fantastically simple dish, which takes no time to prepare or cook. Create the essence of the Mediterranean at any barbecue or summer garden party.

You will need:

2 kilos fresh prawns (the frozen ones are fine as long as they are not pre cooked and buy the biggest ones you can!)

The trick with this dish is creating the perfect “brasa” or hot bbq coals.

Light the barbecue early so that when it is time to cook you have a good layer of red hot coals with no flame.

Wash the prawns in cold running water, if you have bought frozen allow an hour or two beforehand to thaw out.

Place the prawns on the barbecue grill and cook for about six minutes each side until cooked through but still tender.

Serve and enjoy! A great way to eat this dish is with fresh bread and a Mediterranean style salad full of olives, white asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, sweetcorn and artichoke hearts.

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