15 August 2008

Barbeque Spanish Onions

Following on from the previous post (red peppers) we thought it would be good to post a few photos of the Spanish onions which are a key vegetable in the "Escaliabada" dish (cold roasted/barbequed veg) To be absolutely correct the dish is named "Catalan roasted vegetable salad"

The expert hands in the photos below are those of our neighbour Montse who makes this dish every summer while here in Orce on holiday from Barcelona.

Same as the peppers, simply barbeque the onions in their skins and leave to cool wrapped up in newspaper. The next day peel away the onion skins and mix with your peppers and tomatoes.

The dish is traditionally served with salt and olive oil. The onions in fact make a superb side dish to accompany a main meal, drizzled with a good extra virgin olive oil those smokey barbeque flavours really do emerge. Ideal summer tapas.

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