9 August 2008

Simple Tomato Salad

August in Andalucia in fiesta time! Orce village is no exception with the first two weeks of the month jam packed with all kinds of events - many are geared towards the children with recently released films being shown on a big screen within the castle grounds and many other types of parties.

Orce village is also home to many cave dwellings which are rented out for the holiday season, with so many people you certainly know its holiday time! With this you get your typical "street scene" with tables and chairs spilling out onto the roads. Tapas are served with cold beers and the atmosphere becomes more and more lively towards evening time..

One typical dish served up in the sunshine is tomato and pepper salad:


8-10 vine tomatoes
1 jar pequillo peppers
Extra virgin olive oil
Alioli (garlic mayonnaise)
Queen olives

A very simple salad but with a twist - after arranging the tomatoes on the outside of the dish with the peppers in the middle add some olive oil to the alioli and thin the mayonnaise down so it becomes a dressing. Add the olives and sprinkle with chives.

A fresh local salad to serve around 6 persons.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely super recipe! I envy you the street cafes on this wet, chilly day in U.K.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

What can I say Sheffy although we could do with some good old English rain to clear the air.. Glad you like the salad, sometimes simple is better :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, why mess about with food when you don't need to?