3 August 2008

Spain's Chorizo Sausage

The chorizo - Spain's most famous sausage. The chorizo has been made for hundreds of years, in various guises this Spanish sausage has gained an enviable reputation as being one of the best in the world...taking on it's German and Italian cousins the chorizo reigns as one of the best.

What to look out for when buying chorizo:

If you buying chorizo in a string look for the colour of the string, in most cases a red string suggests that the chorizo is "picante" (hot) a white string means the chorizo will be "dulce" (mild). The sausage itself should be bright red and not too firm to the touch. Of course chorizo (as with any cured sausage) can come quite fresh - still cured but soft and ideal for cooking or for the barbeque.

Fresh chorizo and "morcilla" hanging in Huescar market. Huescar (pronounced wez-car) is a local town near to Orce village and has an indoor market, most of the traders are long established family run carnicerias (butchers) The smell of cured ham and chorizo along with everything else is lovely when you first walk in and some of the displays during "Feria" time are fantastic. However...

The chorizo from "Julian" is superb, again a family run operation, honest, artisan and very down to earth. Julian and his wife were intrigued by the idea of the Orce "FIRE" chorizo and tested a recipe for a good two months before we (and they) were happy. Great stuff! Their chorizo production is done in batches on a regular basis - usually every fortnight. The locals in Orce (all 1400 of them) clear the stocks methodically and in August production goes into overdrive due to tourism.

See how Julian makes chorizo Click Here

You wont find any fancy awards for these artisan chorizos, although its sure they probably deserve one. They are just locally produced, as they come, best artisan chorizo from a small corner of Andalucia.

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