7 September 2008

Spanish Coffee - "Torrefacto"

Spanish coffee...

The Spaniards adore their mezcla coffee and it is as much a part of everyday life as tapas or wine. A normal day for any typical Spaniard will always begin with a torrefacto coffee served with hot milk. Similarly the day ends after the evening meal with a strong espresso style coffee served in a tiny glass or cup with lots of sugar. Throughout the day more cups will be consumed served in a variety of different ways and styles in a range of different sized glasses or cups.

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I can remember almost five years ago shopping for Nescafe in our local supermarket - stocking up for the big move to Spain! Looking back we need not have bothered, after all after you have figured out the common Spanish kettle the rest is easy...

One bar we like to visit in the local village is "Bar Salero", a typical rustic bar which, if you visit early enough serves great cafe solo's, cafe sombra's and for those with a sweet tooth cafe bombon. There are many versions of Spanish coffee and a whole array of liquors that get generously "dashed" into each glass.

Fancy a biscuit? We like these too napolitanas - a slim biscuit with a lovely hint of cinnamon.

Next up: Mmm decisions... Liver and onions with a paprika twist or a take on Andalucian Poor Man's Potatoes.

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