15 October 2008

Gilthead Bream

This Gilthead Bream (Dorada) recipe has to be one of the simplest fish recipes. Gilthead is a tremendous fish, packed with flavour, meatier than cod or haddock and although it has bones these are very strong and thick so easy to remove. A great fish dish for the kids.

So, the simple way to cook gilthead:

Wash and pat dry the fish

Lay onto a lightly oiled baking tray

Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over the fish

Bake for 30 mins

There is no need to gut the fish or remove the head. Once the fish has been baked whole and served the thick skin is very easy to remove and the meat simply falls of the bone. Serve with vegetables of choice.

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Krimo said...

Fresh Doradas!! Ahhh...
A touch of sea salt. Very simply grilled! I love them.

Shionge said...

I've tried this by baking salmon - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... :D

Cutie said...

I had that once and I just love it. The meat is so tender and you can taste the freshness of the fish.

Anonymous said...

I remember having this when we were on holiday in Spain in summer. Delicious!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Krimo: I agree, very simple - do you serve these up at your place?

Shionge: works with salmon too, a great dish!

Cutie: Great nice and fresh, a unique flavour so nothing but salt required :)

Sheffy: I believe its a popular dish in restaurants all over Spain although particularly near the costas.