26 December 2008

Catalan Sausage Stuffing

When cooking a turkey for Spanish Christmas dinner the principles are exactly the same as cooking any Christmas turkey. Stuffing however is slightly different due to the sausages used, in this case Catalan sausages.

Catalan sausages are similar to a Cumberland sausage, slightly spicy and packed with flavour, ideal for turkey stuffing.

Take 8 large Catalan sausages, split the skins and squeeze out the meat. Place into a large cazuela. Throw in 2 medium diced onions, one egg and 2 large sprigs of fresh diced sage. Last but not least chop up a skinned apple and mix altogether.

Place into a deep baking tray and place in the oven on a high heat for 40 minutes.

For the bird - Place your stuffing into the bird just before cooking (never the day before) you can also place a little stuffing into the large cavity as the flavour of the sage will come through the meat even more.



Cutie said...

I just made sausage platter for Christmas Dinner. But then I didn't make my own sausages. Wanted to do so but then I don't know where to get the sausage skins to stuff the meat inside. Hehe... But anyway, your sausages looks really good. Should taste really good....

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Sausage platter sounds good to me, do you have any speciality sausage recipes over there?