13 January 2009

Tapas - Ultimate Simplicity

Tapas are a simple affair, still free with your alcoholic drink in the province of Granada here in Spain.

Charging for tapas!? This has always been something that vexes me, bars, people and the culture that created and still serve tapas see no reason why these little dishes of Spain should be charged for, at least not in Granada. Sign of the times perhaps that tapas are becoming a tradition which can no longer be substantiated. From a business point of view this is fully understandable. It will be a sad day when that part of Andalucia exists no more..

Nice and simple tapas for literally cents..

Take a Spanish "barra" (bread stick) and cut off some thin slices then toast

Cut a thin slice of liver/pork/ham etc and place on top

Then, a small teaspoon of alioli (garlic mayonnaise)

...and a light sprinkle of smoked paprika, garnish with broad leaf parsley

Looks great, is easy and quick to make and it doesn't break the bank to create a full spread.


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