3 February 2009

Paprika de La Vera

Smoked paprika as an ingredient in Spanish cooking is very popular and used in a variety of main meals and tapas. Smoked paprika generally comes from the "La Vera" region which carries the D.O stamp or Denominacion de Origen - the recognised sign of quality.

Smoked paprika has a unique flavour and adds a real earthy, smoked aroma and flavour to dishes such as fish soups, casseroles and an abundance of tapas

Pimenton Dulce sweet
the most common variety is sweet paprika or Pimenton Dulce this paprika is made from round or bell peppers and is quite sweet on the palate.

Pimenton Agridulce bittersweet
The second is a bitter - sweet paprika known as Pimenton Agridulce not a common paprika and only recently introduced to outside Spain this variety is made using a mixture of round peppers and the more fiery longer shaped pepper resulting in a bittersweet blend and flavour.

Pimenton Picante Hot
Lastly there is hot paprika or Pimenton Picante this paprika is made from long almost burgundy in colour hot red peppers, almost always used in the production of hot Spanish chorizos this paprika boasts a deep ruby red colour and that extra bite required for hotter dishes.

Want to know more on Spanish Paprika?

"Spanish smoked paprika or Pimenton is another of Spain's finest products which carries the "DO" (Denominacion de Origin) Paprika is widely used in all types of Spanish cooking and is of course what gives the world famous chorizo its deep red colour.

The peppers are harvested from September through until early December....."


Cutie said...

Till today I'm not sure how to use paprika besides adding some to the mustard cheese sauce I had prepared. But I definitely love the colour of it.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Cutie: Smoked paprika goes really well with the following:

Fish soups/chowder
Pork Marinades
Home made dips
Cream sauces ie with pork/lamb/beef
Fish / cured ham salads
Egg based tapas
Chorizo stew (anything chorizo)
Game pie
Rice dishes

Just a few local ideas... hope this helps!

Chris Davenport said...

When we are making a puchero or stew, we dust the meat in flour whicha has paprika added to it.
Adds that little something.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could get all different kinds of paprika. I guess the one we use is the sweet paprika. We add it to flour along with the seasoning and coat the meat in it.
Smoked paprika sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

We use the sweet paprika and add to the flour to coat the meat along with the seasoning.
Smoked paprika sounds really nice.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Chris: If your cooking is as good as your olive oil that'l be me round for then!

Sheffy: Smoked pimenton has a wonderful flavour and aroma, we use it in fish chowders as we can't easily get smoked haddock. Works a treat.