5 June 2009

Cola Cao Free Gifts

The Spanish drink "Cola Cao" has been around for decades - there was even a song named after it so in a way its one of Spain's most famous products. Cola Cao have various offers on their chocolate drink from time to time but there is always a freebie with the big 3kg boxes. The latest being an air disc...

It might just be me getting a little older :) but discs that flew in the air when I was a child were the standard and now very collectable "frisbies" Air discs? It wasn't until I had to blow it up did I realise how enormous these things were. Throw them into a light wind and they hang around like a UFO for an extraordinary length of time. Great Fun.

I think the current Cola Cao offer is glow in the dark vibration drumsticks or suchlike, bit loud perhaps...anyway if you would like to buy the famous Spanish Cola Cao pop into our Chocolate page and if you need the 3kg box with crazy free gift drop us an email.

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