20 August 2009

Gourmet Spanish Gifts

The finest Iberian Hams from Spain incorporated into unique Spanish "selections" with flavour combinations in mind.

Simple works so why complicate things? Iberian bellota hams are among the finest in the world so putting together a selection of complimentary flavours takes a little time and advice from the experts... after all it would not be ideal to put together such Spanish selections without speaking the odd Maestro Secadero.

Sometimes, simply a good Iberico ham, sharp knife and a sturdy ham clamp are all that is required. Sometimes though to make a gift selection that little bit more special other complimentary products really do add the finishing touch.

Cheese, D.O wines, good cava, lomo tenderloin, quality olives and Jabugo pate to name but a few are the usual contenders we work with, still keeping simplicity in mind a combination of 4 prime flavours with Iberico at the front is usually more than sufficient.

Above: the "D.O Selection" top of the range acorn fed paleta from the award winning and D.O recognised region of Pedroches in Cordoba. Accompanied by a gran reserva cheese, Spanish cava, carving knife and unique professional ham stand this makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Orce Serrano Hams currently has 12 artisan "special selections" ranging from 99,00 euros to 565,00 euros. Specially selected products for both Iberico and Serrano ham Spanish hampers.

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