19 August 2009

Iberico Ham Tapas Recipes

Jamon Iberico de Bellota or simply Iberico ham is Spain's finest export and recognised around the world as one the finest hams money can buy. So what do you do with your Iberico ham - except appreciate the nutty flavour, exceptional texture and aroma!? Well Iberico hams are also the worlds most expensive so if you fancy trying your hand at some tapas it may be best to gather some ideas as the flavour combination is all important...

As with Serrano hams the usual suspects such as broad beans and almonds both work well and are very easy to make into tapas. For the more adventurous though here are some suggestions we have tried in local tapas bars in and around the Granada region.

Iberico ham and roasted figs

Iberico ham and cold melon soup

Iberico ham stuffed artichokes

Iberico ham roasted tomatoes

Iberico ham and poached egg (duck)

Iberico ham and asparagus spears

The other perfect partner of course to Iberico ham (particularly bellota varieties) is a good wine, choose something with plenty of depth but not too heavy and a good Rioja or Ribera will go down just fine. Accompany this with some manchego cheese and a few salted almonds and you will be in Iberico heaven!

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