15 October 2009

Iberico Ham Feria

The Iberian ham fair is held every year in Villanueva de Cordoba. The feria produces quite a turnout too with this year seeing more than 7000 people attending the prestigious event.

One of the main spectacles of the fair is the ham carving competition, taken very seriously and with some of the displays you can see why. Real food art using the worlds finest ham. This years winner was Florentino Mateos, having won this competition results in an automatic pass through to the nationals.

Displays... Iberico ham is mottled with fat, much more than serrano ham and the texture is well, sublime.

You can see the labels detailing which area of the leg the slices were cut from, "Maza", "Babilla", "Punta"

Some truly professional carving requiring a great deal of skill as well some artistic flair!

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