26 November 2009

Piquillo Pepper Tapas

Pequillo peppers are one of those delights from Spain that fit in with a whole host of dishes from simple tapas on their own to salads and stews, even cold soups. Artisan pequillo peppers are still hand picked today between Autumn and early winter where they are then roasted over hot coals to give that "fire roasted" sweet pepper flavour - think "escalivada", barbequed, skinned and served with extra virgin olive oil.

Pequillo peppers are also very popular stuffed. Seafood is a firm favourite usually incorporating cod, hake or prawns. Cheese, minced meat and rice are also other tasty alternatives .

These Spanish peppers are a vibrant red and add a splash of colour to any Spanish table. Piquillo peppers are also one of those treats that do very well preserved, the sweet smokey flavour remains and they make ideal tapas. Served with Iberian ham pictured above the combination is completed only by a glass of good red. Enjoy!

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