8 March 2010

Small is the new tasty...

The Friday lunchtime dilema...Pop into a tapas bar for a swift beer and a few titbits or pop into the fish shop, see whats in among the spread and go home to cook. Cooking it was - but something easy, it was just one of those days when you fancy something different but didn't have a tremendous amount of time to make it.

We opted for anchovies...an easy dish with no complication, in true style the guy serving removed the head and pulled out the innards showing us what to do just in case we hadn't quite got to grips with it after last time (or the time before that) give him his due though, he is nothing but thorough and very knowledgable if you buying something different. With another fishmongers open just around the corner you get the feeling that customer service is a top priority, stiff competition especially considering Orce village only has 1200 inhabitants its quite amazing how it can support two fishmongers - a bit like 1950's Britain, a flashback to traditional family run fishmongers, butchers and covenience stores.

A few handfulls of anchovies and two whole cuttlefish later for good measure not forgetting a huge bunch of broad leaf parsley the cleaning began. Pulling heads off three dozen fish no matter how small they are is something my better half just won't do so prepping was up to yours truly...

Seasoning the flour is the trick before deep frying, get a sprinkle of salt, a good pinch of freshly ground pepper and some paprika to build up those flavours, dust the fish thoroughly and fry a dozen at a time in olive for 3 - 4 minutes. Garnish with lots of torn up parsley and squeeze over with a little lemon juice, a great plate of tapas.

Fresh anchovies are, well fresh! Entirely different from what you get in a tin - not salty at all and of course they are very healthy full of the usual omega 3 etc. We kept this lunch about as simple as it gets serving only with fresh bread and extra virgin olive oil accompanied with a "tubo" (tall beer).

Simple and easy tapas.

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