1 March 2010

A Spring in the step

Spring in Andalucia? Surely the rain has stopped now! The south coast of Spain has had a real battering weather wise over the past few months. One of our neighbours claimed that the region had received three times the normal rainfall since December last year and we can well believe it, Spanish cave houses and indeed conventional houses have collapsed due to the constant drenching over the past few months.

The recent storm that rattled Southern Spain as well our European neighbours in France and the UK arrived early Sunday evening with 85mph winds and driving rain. Its always good to have a storm that clears the air but this was this the last one to see off Granada's "rainy season"?

(Below) the morning after. (Above) Almond blossom high up in the Sierra de Umbria, Fuente Nueva, Orce.

Wood collecting time... After enjoying a hefty delivery of slow burning almond wood mixed in with a bit of peach wood it was time to gather just a few more of those fast burning sticks to generate some heat. Sunday mornings (or indeed today being Andalucia day) are great to get out and grab some fresh air, get some wood take some photos and get fit after a lazy winter in the cave house.

This year being as wet as it has been has attracted the "processional pine caterpillar" in large numbers - stay clear, these are one of natures beasties that rank quite highly in the dangerous category. Aside from the caterpillars the views were fantastic from the top of the mountian, an old haunt for us if you like as when its not wood collecting time we usually take the kids up to the same spot for a picnic during the summer and relax for a couple of hours.

There is something quite wonderfull about being out in the campo at this time of year, barren wasteland is prepping itself up to change into a sea of colour with wild flowers and the fields quickly turn green as well as the mountains, for a short window of time it could almost be Scotland. Easter or Semana Santa is just around the corner and that means a visit from the Spanish neighbours, the "cocinero" in the family makes the absolute best romesco sauce which are accompanied by barbequed onions, wrapped in newspaper the Spanish neighbours serve them on upturned roof tiles. "Calcots" ~ the absolute business!

(recipe coming soon)

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