3 April 2010

Easter Eating

Easter time in Orce is a big event as with all of Spain, Easter also means that Orce village and our small hamlet of Fuente Nueva becomes extremly busy. There are quite a few Spanish from the North of the country who have cave holiday homes in the area many of whom have been coming here for nearly 20 years. The community is quite tight knit so everyone knows everything about everyone! When it comes to social events though we always get an invite and although we can't attend every one we do like to work hard and party harder - or should that be fiesta harder?

This year saw some neighbours arrive for a short Easter break, just a few days but just enough time to organise a get together one afternoon for a home made "Fabada Asturiana" made by another friend originaly from Asturias. Having never had a "true" Fabada Asturiana before we were very much looking forward it, after all if a chef from Asturias can't make it then who can?

The table was set for ten including the kids who were running around outside trying to find Easter eggs. The neighbours had broght presents in the form of two walkie talkies for the boys so it was a mass and very well executed operation to find the camoflauged hard boiled eggs. There is a way to eat Fabada Asturiana which was all new to us, beans first with bread then the meat accomapnied with salad. The fava beans were something we have never seen the likes of, again from a small producer in Astirias these beans were enormous...! Almost a meal in itself.

Then comes the meat, smoked chorizo, morcilla (black pud) and some ribs for good measure, all cooked to perfection. Now all we need is the recipe as long as its not a closely guarded secret we'll try and get it posted here asap.

...and then...a well earned siesta. Just the job.

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