11 April 2010

Spring tapas

Well its definately Springtime in Andalucia. After the amount of rain the region has had over the past few months I dare say one and all are enjoying a welcome break with some sunshine. Still chilly with a light frost in the morning but come lunchtime very pleasant. Tulips... a sign of spring and one of the few flowers that does well in the "campo mud"

After a long winter its good to see some real colour both in the garden and in the campo, the fields, albeit for a short time resemble bonnie Scotland with a green blanket creeping up the mountains. A short break perhaps as nature changes the seasons, Spring never lasts very long in Andalucia before you are into the raging heat of the Spanish summer.

On to some foodie thoughts... Spanish ham goes well with orange, the sweetness of the orange with a slight saltiness of the ham compliment each other quite nicely. A little cracked black pepper never goes a miss either nor does a drizzle of very good olive oil. Wrap em up! Nice and simple, easy tapas.

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