31 May 2010

Paws off my Spanish sausage...

We enjoy taking photos, a new found hobby if you like and rural Spain offers plenty of opportunity to capture images that you would not otherwise be able to achieve elsewhere, a cultural thing... people, landscapes, moments, tradition, food... as with any country. Running an online deli also presents its challenges - a picture speaks a thousand words right? Most of our photos are taken in our own garden, or under the somewhat winter and thunderstorm battered pergola which offers a nice dappled light over products and foodie dishes.

Ask any foodie and the best part of taking food images is eating the food afterwards! However we do on occasion get some interested visitors while snapping in the garden, this pic was taken a few weeks ago whilst photographing a new Spanish salchichon for the website.

This cheeky opportunist approached using typical Spanish "gato" stealth technology and you didn't even know he had arrived until he was on the spot. There was no way he was getting that sausage so we agreed to go our seperate ways after a few rapid shots when the sun came out during the same moment.

The shots obviously from the camera..

... and this is what he was so interested in ~ "Salchichon Campero"



Louise said...

who knew los gatos had a penchant for salchichon?! I could understand it if it was some type of pescado! :-)

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Louise: Campo cats aren't that fussy, least not around here. Everytime time your out taking foodie pics you just know there are pairs of eyes all around watching :)