14 August 2010

Spanish Lomo in Olive Oil

What is "Lomo de Orza"? Lomo de Orza is chunks of premium pork tenderloin which are cut by hand before being fried with a special mix of herbs and spices. The large cubes of pork (lomo frito) are then stuffed into a jar containing extra virgin olive oil then preserved.

The flavour of Lomo de Orza is quite unique, hints of herbs and infused olive oil make this lomo a real treat with summer salads as well as on its own or with complimentary partners such as Manchego or good red wine. It is the texture though that really grabs your attention, the pork pieces are soft, almost melt in the mouth, a real Andaluz treat for the palate.

Every recipe of course is slightly different either through technique, herbs, chosen loin or type of extra virgin olive oil used for preservation. In the town of Huescar which lies in the foothills of the Sagra mountain on the edge of the altiplano is a secadero (Ovalo) who produces lomo de Orza in impressive 1.6kg jars. As their signature product the lomo is certainly one of the best in the area boasting a delicious texture and flavour. It is however a bit of a delicassy and comes with a price tag that suggests it has been prepared by hand from frying to bottling.

One thing you can be sure of though as soon as you experience the flavour is that every euro has been well spent.



Anonymous said...

How very unusual! It sounds wonderful!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Bit of an expensive product around here Sheffy but it is absolutely divine, the herbs and olive oil create the flavour infusion. Recipe differs from area to area.

Julie said...

Sounds Great..I'm sure it will make the recipe more delicious..I like it. Great post! Thanks for the share.

Becky said...

Awesome presentation, i must try this at home, thanx for sharing with us.