4 September 2010

A journey through time and taste: the Paradores of Spain

If you want to live in luxury for a time when you next visit Spain, then consider staying in one of the incredible Paradores that are scattered across the country. These buildings are often centuries old structures, with incredible histories and even better views. The many Paradores hotels offer a unique and exquisite dining experience, bringing together the highlights of Spain's culinary offerings and historic culture. Many of them offer themed cooking courses for guests eager to get hands on with fish & seafood, local cheeses, vegetables and game.

Parador de Ronda, Ronda
The Parador de Ronda was previously the Casa Consistorial, which means Town Hall, in Ronda in Andalusia. There are 78 rooms in this historic Parador, which holds a four-star rating. It is furnished in a contemporary style, with large sofas and chairs by the fire. The Caldereta de Chivo con Chantarelas y Castanas del Valle del Genal, or Kid Casserole with mushrooms, paprika and wine is just one of the tasty dishes served in the dining room.

Parador de Gredos, Sierra de Gredos
This beautiful Parador has been around since 1928, with pristine waters nearby that are lined with picturesque rock formations and accented by a pine forest. You can see the Piedrahita and Béjar Sierras from the hotel as well as the Gredos Massif and it overlooks the Valle del Tormes. The kitchen uses local vegetables and high quality meat for stews and soups that are some of the best in the world. English, French and Spanish are spoken there.

Parador de Cardona, Cardona
You'll think you are on the set of a big budget Hollywood movie set in the middle ages when you visit the Parador de Cardona. This hotel is a huge castle in Catalonia that is spread out over a hill and can be seen from quite a distance away. This hotel features a four star rating and is a hotspot for couples and newly-weds. The Parador de Cardona features rural cuisine such as mushrooms from the nearby forest, meat plates and Catalonian sausage.

Parador de Granada, Granada
The hotel Parador de Granada is located inside a moorish fortification called the Alhambra, a building with more historical significant than most in Spain. This four star paradise palace allows customers to experience the beauty of Alhambra, with its bell towers and thick walls and furniture that compliment the surroundings perfectly. The hotel serves dishes such as the Sacromonte omelet, biscuit rolls called piononos de Santa Fe and gazpacho andaluz.

Parador de Vielha, Vielha
Another four star resort that you will find amazing is the Parador de Vielha located in the Vall d'Aran valley. This Parador is very high up and offers incredible views of the valley with clean and elegant décor that is sure to impress any vacationer. The resort's restaurant offers world class meals, and staff think presentation as just as important as taste – typical dishes include meat rolled in cabbage leaves and trout stuffed with delicious fresh vegetables.

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