25 January 2011

Stuffed Chicken Legs with Mushrooms and Garlic

This recipe for stuffed chicken legs was given to us by a restaurant owner in Orce village, the recipe itself is very simple and is good served up as a racione or "Big Tapa" between four people, the dish can also be served as a main meal with the usual potatoes and green veg for a delicious winter warmer.

Spanish chicken dishes tend to be less popular than pork, chicken being used widely in Spanish paella or barbeque cooking and pork used more given the choice of cuts available (including trotters, ribs, ears etc etc) For this recipe the best choice is the chicken leg which will need to be de-boned either in the kitchen or by your local butcher. The flavour of the brown meat makes a nice change to the usual stuffed chicken breast and offers a multitude of options in the stuffing department! For this recipe we stuffed the chicken with diced mushrooms, butter and garlic then added a garden herb twist before cooking. Enjoy.

Ingredients: (serves 4 as main meal)

4 Chicken legs, boned
6 Mushrooms, diced (mixed varieties add even more flavour)
4 Garlic cloves, peeled and diced
Knob of butter
4 Sprigs fresh thyme
Olive oil
Ground black pepper

Additional equipment: Cocktail sticks

How to cook:

1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. Roll out the boneless chicken leg and place a small handfull of diced mushrooms and garlic in the middle.

3. Add a small knob of butter on top of the mushrooms and garlic.

4. Season with a sprinkle of ground pepper

5. Roll up the chicken and secure with cocktails stick

6. Season with more pepper and lay over the sprigs of thyme (dried thyme also works)

7. Drizzle some olive oil in the bottom of a baking tray or large terracotta cazuela, place the chicken and bake in the oven for 40 minutes.

8. Serve with seasonal veg and potatoes.

Turn your chicken leftovers into Spanish tapas - try chicken and Spanish ham salad


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