31 March 2011

Spanish Ceramics Australia

Orce Serrano Hams in Australia

Buying traditional Spanish ceramics in Australia has, until now been slightly difficult for those who perhaps only require a few pieces. The cultural tapas scene has really taken off down under and there are a surprising number of Spanish expats living in Australia. An increasing demand for Spanish themed tapas bars and eateries has led to an equally high demand of Spanish ceramics so when we were approached by managing director of “Artesano” Sarah Beard we were more than happy to help out.

Logistics to the other side of the world does take some organising but nearly 300kg of hand made ceramics later Artesano received its first pallet just in time for the Portuguese and Spanish festival. The festival is held in Sydney and attracts over 16000 visitors including the public and businesses. Part of the consignment were our ceramics from Guadix made by Juan Manuel, prior to this festival the furthest these ceramics had travelled was to Germany so you can imagine how intrigued Juan Manuel was to see his work on display in Sydney.

The festival was a huge success with all the ceramics proving popular, from simple tapas dishes to large 37cm terracotta cazuelas. Until now, ceramics from Guadix (Granada region) have been unavailable in Australia so if you are considering Spanish pieces for your establishment or would like to place an order then we highly recommend speaking to Sarah at “Artesano”

If you are tempted by what you see then keep an eye out for Artesano, an online retail store is due to go live early this summer.

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Shionge said...

This is so cool...incidentally I am back from Seville & Barcelona and I tried all the yummy stuff and bought some lovely ceramics too to add to my collection :)

Bought some olive oil and hams from the duty free and boy oh boy...can't wait to finish them all :D

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Shionge: Enjoy your flavour of Spain! Glad you had a great time.