12 April 2011

Rosemary Stick Kebabs

Rosemary is one of those herbs that adds a unique flavour to many dishes, strong on flavour and influence it is not uncommon to find rosemary being bashed around with the pestle and mortar to help kick start marinades, or dress the odd Spanish pork chop or two.

Rosemary does however lend itself well to the humble kebab, not in the way you might expect either as for this recipe we are using just the sticks.... If you have a big rosemary bush somewhere in your garden and would like to knock up some unusual kebabs then these easy tapas may well impress the guests...

Rosemary kebabs - Delicious!

get the clippers to that rosemary plant and what you will need is the older stems but not too thick, for this kebab recipe a thin stalk is required but a mature one - think bamboo kebab skewers. Once you have your rosemary 'sticks' remove most of the leaves but leave the ends on as per photo above.

Next thread over your vegetables and meat - small pieces, remember these are tapas! then throw on the BBQ, the kebabs should be ready in under 5 minutes and the rosemary will have infused some real flavour into the meat. The sticks will not burn as they are full of moisture, acting as kebab skewers with a herby flavour hit.

Ingredients for these kebabs were chicken, serrano ham and red pepper.



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Shionge said...

Gosh...I am so in love with Seville...it is so different when i spent the day in Barcelona on my way back to Singapore.

Yes...now I must get some 'inspiration' from your blog to get some serious food heheheheh...