26 April 2011

Top Tapas Spring Clean

Well its that time of year! Almond and olive trees are in full bloom (at least in the Altiplano) and we thought it was time to give the blog a new look for Spring 2011. The last format was very basic so we have stuck to the same idea with a newer template compliments of Blogger (we also like it easy!). Old blogs tend to gather a certain amount of clutter so we have refreshed the links, got rid of the nonsense and also added a handy guide of page links for those interested in Spanish ham, namely carving, storage, flavours and how to cook with it. You may find that you get directed to our main website - don't be afraid! there is a lot of handy info on there for the adventurous gourmet among you.

There is also a new menu at the top of the page which is full of handy bits and pieces plus of you live in the EU you can also test run a free sample of premium acorn Iberico ham with your next order.

Sales pitch over, so what is in store for the coming months? We are looking forward to the rugby world cup, there was a time when Spain did qualify but unfortunately not this time around! Always good to see the minnows do well, so its back to England (not literally) although we will be following all the home nations to see if the All Blacks can be toppled (a mighty task on home turf)

Speaking of turf... (now for the recipe bit) try gambas al pil pil over barbequed steak, plenty of flat leaf parsley to garnish with some big juicy prawns, will try and get a photo up soon as its absolutely delicious last weekend!

More recipes on the way and as always feel free to leave a comment, we love hearing your feedback!

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