11 November 2011

Pots of Spain

'Pots of Spain' is a brand new blog all about Spanish ceramics. We thought it was about time to write about something else we are both passionate about and that is Spanish pottery ~ from tapas bowls to garden pots and floor tiles you will find it all on Pots of Spain!

Terracotta and hand painted ceramics have featured on the Top Spanish Tapas since 2008 but now we are going into more depth looking at painting designs, techniques, where it is all produced, how and where to buy and much more. Pots of Spain focuses solely on Spanish ceramics and with so many designs and colours available we welcome you to pop by, be inspired and discover some traditional hand painted Spanish ceramics.

We will be covering all aspects of Spanish terracotta, hand painted ceramics from different regions of Spain, production, paints and the history behind the tradition as well as talking to producers. Spanish ceramics are vibrant, rustic, functional  and above all ooze 'Spain' so we welcome you to visit the blog, leave a comment or two and discover some lovely colours in almost every shape and size!

Pots of Spain

Iain & Gayle

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