13 October 2012

Beef Tapas

Beef tapas on Granadina plate
When it comes to beef tapas they are few and far between and usually only served in the home using the leftovers from a beef dinner. Spanish tapas being as versatile as they are can be almost anything and some flavoursome beef will add something a little different as it is normally pork (and the multitude of tapas ideas using it) which is the norm in southern Spain.

Beef is not readily available in rural Andalucia but when we do see it in the butchers it is a meat worth a couple of extra euros. Roasts are great, slow braised beef is better and garlic (in our house anyway) is the usual suspect when it comes to flavour as well as rosemary, cracked black peppercorns and sliced onion as a base for the meat to sit on for 3 hours.

Simple Roast Beef with Tapas Later...

2kg Topside beef
70cl Red wine
1 Large onion, sliced into rings
6 Carrots, battoned
4 Potatoes, quartered
8 Garlic cloves, cracked with skins on
1 Sprig rosemary
Black pepper

How to Cook:

1. Place the onion rings on the bottom of a terracotta casserole or baking tray.

2. Place beef on top, and season well with pepper and rosemary.

3. Place vegetables around the meat

4. Place garlic in between the meat and vegetables.

5. Pour red wine over vegetables.

6. Slow roast for 3 hours at 140 degrees, turning veg if required.

Cut the leftover beef into thin slices and serve with fresh bread and butter, hojiblanca olives or with seasoned tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

(Blue and White plate from the 'Granada' range.)

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