20 January 2008

Lomo & Smoked Paprika

"Lomo" is readily available in both cured and non cured form, Here we have a recipe for some very simple lomo steaks, can be used as part of a main meal or cut up for tapas. Great on the BBQ and the smoked paprika adds that lovely flavour to the pure loin. Enjoy!

(serves 4-6):

6-8 thick slices of pork tenderloin fillets
Sweet Paprika
Whole peppercorns
Salt to taste

How to cook:

1. Sprinkle each fillet with a good amount of paprika and rub into the flesh
2. Season with a little salt and the peppercorns
3. Leave to rest in the fridge for about half an hour.

4. Cook on a barbecue for about 10 minutes each side turning occasionally.
5. Serve with boiled potatoes and salad

Cured loins of lomo including lomo de corteza, lomo with rosemary and local hand cured lengths available in the deli Orce Serrano Hams

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