27 February 2008

Vinegar de Jerez

Quite often the simplest tapas can be the best, serrano ham with salted almonds for example - the flavours from both compliment each other in such a way you just can't stop your hand moving toward that plate!

Every now and then "Bar Salero" (our local, friendly and typicaly Spanish tapas bar) serves up something a little different, something seasonal with a spark of Southern Spain.

Being a big strawberry fan I thought that this exceptional fruit went very well with pepper - an aquired taste much like whisky but then I was introduced to something different again...

Sherry vinegar but with strawberries? Yes, it does work very well indeed, trick is to get an age old sherry vinegar with that oak taste and aroma, flavours are very complimentary! One drop is sufficient on each fruit slice, sprinkle with sugar and be pleasantly surprised.

Still not convinced? Give it a go, great in summer with a glass of Fino.

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