8 April 2008

Andalucian Kebabs

Well its that time of year again, the neighbours are here on holiday from Barcelona, the weather is fine and that means barbeque! The Spanish BBQ is a very popular way of cooking in the Spring and through the summer. Often regarded as the extra room to the house the garden area always has an outdoor bbq or cooking area.

Here we have some simple kebabs, honey basted pork with tomatoe, onion and pepper. Note the red peppers also cooking along side - these will late be skinned, chopped and served up in olive oil, can be eaten hot or cold and have that lovely char grilled flavour.

Charcoal is never used on a traditional Andalucian bbq! Only wood which creates the perfect natural "brasa" - that layer of glimmering orange coals perfect for cooking.

Find out more about regional Andalucian Flavours - HERE

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