31 March 2008

Spains Hottest Chorizo

Its here!!! Spains hottest chorizo, a special recipe for those who like it HOT.

Chorizo production in Orce village is constant all year round such is the popularity of these cured sausages, customers enter the butchers and buy the chorizo by the kilo and they are highly popular during fiesta holidays (of which there are many) Julian supplies local restaurants, bars and hotels as well as Orce Serrano Hams with a full selection of Spanish cured meats, one morning whilst choosing Serrano hams from the secadero Julian noted that we purchase much more "chorizo picante" compared to the milder version. Well spotted... and of course he asked why. We then went on to explain that the chorizo is highly popular amongst customers and that many English people enjoyed good hot and spicy food.

Almost instantly a new chorizo was born

Staff hard at work producing the new chorizo once the recipe had been perfected.

Ready for sausages, the mix is carefully blended.

Read the full article and see the step by step chorizo making process HERE

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