8 April 2008

Tapas and Red Wine...

Here at Orce Serrano Hams we love doing traditional - Andalucian products exactly as they should be! On our recent quest for local wine we found an age old "bodega" one of only a few still producing good local Spanish wines in the region. An undiscovered secret lay below the house - a fully restored bodega including refurbished wine presses and "tinaja's" the enormous ceramic wine vats used to age the wine in days gone by.

Quite a visit! and of course we had to sample the wines on offer. Owner Manolo russled up some tapas and the tasting session began.

Perfect partners for Spanish wine:

Serrano Ham / Iberico ham
Cheese (especially goats cheese) with apple slices or grapes
Queen olives / black olives
Salted Almonds

Perfect Tapas!!

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