12 June 2008

Culture & Flamenco

There are many aspects of Andalucian culture - so different to even other regions of Spain never mind other countries. One of these is "Flamenco!" Just like the famous tapas culture Granada is renound for its flamenco shows. Without going into too much history there is a strong association with flamenco culture and the caves of Andalucia. Nowadays tourists can pay to see some of the best flamenco dancing available - in situ, in a traditional cave. This area of Granada is named Sacromonte (Do visit if you can)

Here we have a video of a little cave style Flamenco!

Living in a cave ourselves in a small hamlet the community tends to be quite close, neighbours help each other as best they can etc etc. Now then.... when there is a fiesta there is a fiesta!!!! Last year we were lucky enough to witness some Flamenco dancing close up on our very own patio. Last minute barbeques are a regular occurance in the hamlet, at around 11.30pm a guest began to dance and could she move.... shortly after her husband began playing the Spanish guitar. The night was just beginning...

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