21 June 2008

Serrano Ham "sin pata"

Its BIG! New to the range we have introduced a rather special ham... from "La Cruz" this ham comes "sin pata" (without hoof) Weighing in a very large 8 - 8.5kg this is quite a substantial ham - remember its without the hoof which accounts for at least 600g of the total weight, the result is a very large and plump ham, perfectly cured.

Larger serrano hams tend be left in the salting process for a little longer due their size to guarantee curing quality. This example from La Cruz is so well cured the ham is not salty at all, a great texture and importantly very easy to carve. Due to its size the ham is very broad which, when carved with the correct technique results in ultra thin ham slices.

So far so good... We are very impressed so far but the "tapas test" takes time... Expect this ham available to the UK and Europe early July 2008.

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