9 July 2008

Serrano Ham Tapas (Top 20)

20 Great tapas ideas from Andalucia!

One of the great things about living in the Granada region are the free tapas, over the years we have been fortunate enough to taste many tapas from the region with a beer or glass of wine.

The tapas themselves vary from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant ranging from a simple bowl of almonds to some sizzling chilli garlic prawns. Many establishments in the region have gained an enviable reputation for their tapas; generally speaking, chefs excel at tapas recipes with many dishes being specifically made solely for the purpose of being given away for free!

So, with the help of some local residents and Spanish neighbours we have devised this list of the top 20 Serrano ham tapas, there may even be one or two which have sneaked in from Madrid and Barcelona…

1) Serrano Ham & extra virgin olive oil
2) Serrano Ham & Manchego cheese
3) Serrano Ham & Salted almonds
4) Serrano Ham & Olives
5) Serrano Ham & Red wine / cold short beer
6) Serrano Ham & Anchovies
7) Fried Serrano Ham & Poached egg
8) Serrano Ham & Asparagus scrambled
9) Serrano Ham & Broad beans
10 Serrano Ham & Melon
11) Serrano Ham & Sliced peaches / nectarine
12) Serrano Ham & Vine tomatoes
13) Serrano Ham & Spicy tomato and pepper salsa
14) Serrano Ham croquettes
15) Serrano Ham & Alioli (garlic dip)
16) Serrano Ham & char-grilled pequillo peppers
17) Serrano Ham & Caper berries
18) Serrano Ham Paella
19) Serrano Ham & Prawns
20) Serrano Ham!

Some of these pairings are very popular, some less so. Serrano Ham can be served with a whole range of other “finger food” our list however has been compiled with flavour combination in mind, Serrano ham and prawns are a firm favourite – an Andalucian mini twist on “surf and turf”! Most of the ingredients are also very simple and very fresh so the ultimate healthy snack too.

So the next time you are carving those wafer thin slices enjoy some ham combinations too, my personal favourite? Ham and pequillo peppers, can’t be beaten!

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