2 July 2008

Happy Pigs...

Iberico ham.... best ham in the world? We think so, ask any connoisseur and they will say the same. Jamon Iberico de bellota is the very special ham that comes from the hogs raised and bred in the Iberian peninsular. Decendants of wild boar the Iberian pig is very different to its cousins used to produce the serrano ham - typically these breeds are Landrace, Duroc and large white.

Iberian pigs are left to roam free in wooded meadows called "Dehesas" - this is where the acorns or "bellotas" fall. Happy hogs indeed..


Now then, in 2007 a top class establishment in the UK introduced the 100.00(GBP) sandwich - the main ingredient being the best iberico ham along with truffles etc etc. Very nice and a nice price too!

Never to miss out on a good sarnie we made our own ham sandwich back in 2007 as well, this one is more bank manager friendly..

Delicious, fresh, organic ingredients with layers of iberian ham - a real top class sandwich! You can of course create the same with serrano ham, either way a real winner at lunchtime.

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