4 July 2008

Spanish Barbeque

"Nothing like a barbeque in the summer..." The Spanish patio is often regarded as the "extra room" of the house - an outdoor cooking area heavily used from Spring through until Autumn.

A simple bbq lunch - Chicken marinaded in Mojo Sauce (Canary Island Salsa) the two most popular Mojo sauces are Mojo picon (spicy) and Mojo Canario which is milder and goes well with chicken and fish. Simply marinade for a few hours and put a whole new Spanish twist on your barbequed meat.

"La Brasa" the perfect brasa or layer of hot embers is created using wood. No charcoal in sight! The locals say that wood warms you up four times....

Once when you collect it,
Once when you unload it,
Once when you chop it up,
...and finally when you burn it...

If you go down to the woods today... Luckily we have a 4x4 which can get to those hard to reach places in the middle of the wood - every year the forestry guys tell us where the wood has been cut. It is beneficial to go and collect wood as it helps to clear the fire breaks on the mountainside - and makes a cracking BBQ too!

Lots of BBQ recipes coming up including tonights speciality - Swordfish kebabs.

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Foodies said...

that really looks good..I love Chicken barbecue...