28 August 2008

Liver tapas

More photos of prehistoric cats... this is the same guy from the previous post and an actual cast of the bones found in Fuente Nueva. Some influence for Ridley Scott's "ALIEN" movie in 1979?

Lambs liver or "higado" is quite popular in Andalucia. With some fresh good quality liver one of the best ways to cook it to gently fry..

It was an accident when this method came about as our neighbours brought some liver for us to cook in the frying pan. Due to time (and some hungry guests) we decided to throw the chopped up liver into a terracotta cazuela with a little olive oil and let it cook over the BBQ coals (15 minutes)

Apparently the taste was infinitely better over the smokey barbeque

The liver needs to be sliced up into generous parts and sliced thinly later for serving. Sea salt adds a nice flavour as well as a little crunch, excellent with a good red wine for tapas or starters.

Always good to hear "Muy buena!!!" after such a simple tapa.


Anonymous said...

Very simple and easy to do.The easier the better if you have guests and want to chat to them instead of concentrating too much on cooking.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Agreed Sheffy, sometimes something quick to whip up can be just as appreciated as a main meal, tapas of almonds and olives are great but an extra 2 minutes for something cooked is always well received.