26 August 2008

Quick Squid Tapas

I wonder what this feller used to have for the odd snack a few hundred years ago? We took this picture at the prehistoric exhibition last year which is held yearly in the "casa de cultura." The village of Orce is famous for three things - Orce Man (the oldest ever find of human remains) Prehistoric fossils and cave dwellings.

Our deli: Orce Serrano Hams is based in the nearby hamlet of "Fuente Nueva" which is home to the largest "dig" in the area. Living 100 yards away from 5 recently discovered Woolly Mammoths" is quite interesting!

More fossil photos to come but for now we have a "Delia Smith" tapa (in other words we're cheating :-)

Squid, we like squid cooked up in salsa, stuffed, fried etc etc. Sometimes though when the unexpected neighbours turn up you need something quick to prep up and also a little different..

Above: Whole baby squids in tomato salsa. Below: "Calamari in su tinta" or squid in its ink.

Two simple tinned tapas which will add something different to the table, serve up with bread, chopped tomato, cucumber etc etc

More seafood tapas with a difference HERE razor clams / Octopus / Cod eggs...

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