18 August 2008

Rustic Recipes

Many of our customers have often asked "Is it true you live in a cave?" Yes! we do in fact live underground. I think it is the word itself "cave" that initially tends to throw ones mind into all manner of dark places with bats and water running down the walls etc.

Thankfully the caves in Andalucia are far from that stereotype. Many have fallen into a state of dis-repair but can easily be renovated with a little research. Below is a picture of what we call the "breakfast bar" or rather a cosy seating area to have your Tostada and look at the view in the morning!

Inside we have 10 rooms, a log burner, electricity, internet, mains water....just like a conventional home. (no bats :)

A bit like a bungalow with no windows at the back. Living underground has distinct advantages too - it is very economical, with 2 meter thick walls the cave remains insulated throughout the year (warm in the winter/cool in the summer) so we use much less energy.

In the winter the wood burner is used to cook thus saving gas in the kitchen. That Roast lamb on a cold night is fantastic!

Next up: Pinchitos and a look at the cave kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That home looks wonderful. Really different. I guess it is really cool in summer and cosy in winter. What a wonderful lifestyle!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Cave living is a little different, sometimes its the whole "underground" aspect that puts people off. However they are an old but new version of an eco home to some extent. We love it! Mind you I wasnt saying that 4 years ago covered in cement and plaster!

Cutie said...

The place looks really nice and cosy. It's far away from all the city life that gives you stress and unhappiness. Just can't imagine how you managed to let everything go and just decided to live here. I absolutely salute you for doing what you think is right.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Many thanks for your comments, when you have the desire to leave your home country - in our case the UK I think you have to consider both possibilities and opportunities. The Andalucian caves and the food were two aspects we found very attractive!