20 August 2008


Pinchitos are small spicy kebabs. First introduced by the Arabs, pinchitos were traditionally made from lamb although now its more common to have pork pinchitos kebabs - very very popular in tapas bars.

To make pinchitos you need the mix - a special blend of spices which truly transform a pork kebab. Cut your pork into cubes ready for the kebab and cover with the powder mix (you can also a little olive oil and rub the mixture over the meat)

Place onto your kebab sticks and BBQ for 10 minutes or until cooked. You know something is a little different with this mixture as the aroma whilst both prepping up and cooking is mouth watering! Enjoy the "Pinchitos"!

Although many of the recipes on this blog are cooked outdoors, much of the preparation is done in the cave kitchen. Of course when it comes to something like paella and the weather is a bit "unpredictable" the gas hob comes in very handy.. Sometimes even we forget how rustic the kitchen is - can't buy these units in B&Q!

Storage for bits and bobs can be an issue in a cave, the photo below shows some carved out shelving - just to keep those "regularly used" bottles easy to reach. (we never had this much olive oil or vinegar in England!) Anyway, easier to pick out a shelf than put one up, nice and rustic.

Pinchitos mix is available in 62g boxes, spice up some pork kebabs - a 62g box makes up 2 kilos of pork. 1.95gbp. Get the guests guessing..


Anonymous said...

Cooking in a cave kitchen sounds like fun with all those little niches to keep your stuff organised. Just looking at your pictures makes me think of holidays and long lazy days in the sun, eating good food and drinking good wine!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Cooking in the cave is great especially when the friends or neighbours turn up (they can smell paella a mile away) They usually help devour a couple of bottles of Rioja but the favour is always returned..:)

Anonymous said...

....feel quite envious! There is nothing quite like friends ( or family) plus food and wine!