10 September 2008

The Credit Munch

Last week I spoke to a journalist who asked me "how can a serrano ham be an economical purchase?" I then replied along the lines of "you need to eat the same as your car needs petrol right? and continued to explain some of the benefits Spaniards have been enjoying for years with what is commonly regarded (and rightly so) as gourmet "Jamon"

Perhaps some facts need to be discovered about the Serrano ham (including some interesting comparisons with leading supermarkets). Originating from Andalucia the Serrano ham was initially produced as a necessary part of the staple diet. Andalucia has a reputation as the "poor" part of Spain - This stereotype has long ago been rubbished with the Andalucian region producing a whole array of recognised quality products - Denominacion de Origen for example or the fact the locally produced artisan products boast the highest degree of integrity in gourmet circles.

So... with a sneak peek at our latest edition to the gourmet range (its big..!) here are a few facts about the Spanish Serrano Ham and how it can be an "economical purchase"

Serrano hams start from only 49.00 gbp

Price for price, 1 Serrano ham is the same as 26 UK supermarket "Ready meals" (August 2008)

You can get 85 sandwiches from one Serrano ham

Full hams are ideal for buffets & functions, feed an army at realistic rates with an interesting centre piece.

100+ tapas can be acheived from 1 Serrano Ham (healthy snacks for the kids!)

Serrano ham bones create one of the best soup stocks

Serrano hams contain no additives - a no nonsense product

Serrano ham is Spanish, is produced in Spain, is dispatched from Spain and is enjoyed in Spain - 100 million Spaniards cant't be wrong.

Its healthy... present are vitamins B1 / B2, plus IRON / PHOSPHORUS & PROTEINS

More on the fabled Spanish serrano ham later (including a gourmet look at the best Iberico hams available)

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