18 September 2008

Iberico Morcon

When you think of Spanish sausages "chorizo" usually springs to mind, rightly so as the chorizo is probably one of the worlds most famous sausages. As with all cured meats and artisan manufacture there are always a few hidden gems available... Sausages or cuts which are not quite as popular, have unusual names or un-recognised reputations.

Here we have "Morcon" (more-kon) The sausage below is the Iberico "bellota" version - very different to the standard Morcon widely available.

Iberico Morcon is very similar to iberico chorizo, same colouring, aroma and strength. The differences between the two are subtle, in basic terms the chorizo is usually made with finer cuts of pork, that is not to take anything away from this cured delight, if anything the iberico morcon rivals its chorizo cousin in all departments... Morcon is presented in a net as the sausage is a very round affair! Lovely to slice though and quite substantial at around 1.0 - 1.5kg

Standard (not Iberian) Morcon sausage has a very different flavour and texture, laced with cinnamon, a softer cured sausage, and sweeter on the palate

Both make for impressive tapas, firstly because of the flavours and secondly because unless the seasoned connoissuer is the room no-one will quite know what it is.

1.0kg Iberico Morcon will be available soon, prior to Christmas 2008. Pop into the online delicatessen and see some of Spain's more unusual shaped gourmet creations..


Shionge said...

Is it eaten very often in all Spanish family? I was fascinated when I visited the local markets in Spain and was confused by the different types on displayed.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Regular morcon is enjoyed almost daily in rural Spain, sometimes we have trouble getting it! The range of cured sausages is extensive, some differences are subtle and some really do stand out with great flavour.