20 September 2008

Andalucian Fish Chowder

Andalucian Fish Chowder - a real winter warmer in every sense of the word, a main meal in itself with a whole range of seafood and mild spicy flavours going on. Of course, a fish chowder is highly adaptable, here is our take on something from Andalucia.

Ingredients: (Serves 12+ people)

3 large potatoes - peeled and cubed
2 red peppers - sliced and diced
4 large onions - diced
6 large carrots
1 large knob of butter
1kg uncooked prawns - peeled and de-viened
1kg fresh mussels - cleaned, beards removed
1 large cod fillet
2 whole squid - cleaned and cut into rings (keep the heads whole)
1 tablespoon hot smoked paprika
chopped parsley
1/2 litre full cream
3 litres fish stock
ground black pepper

Prep the vegetables and fry the onion in the butter (large pan required)

Meanwhile simmer the cod until it becomes tender (retain the stock) place the cod to one side - when cool, flake the fish to add later.

Add the rest of the veg to the onion and the fish stock

An additional 2 litres of stock will need to be made (its a big chowder!) add this when ready.

Simmer the veg for around 30 minutes or until nearly cooked.

Now for the best bit! - Add the flaked cod, prawns, squid and mussels (mussels last) and cook for a further 6-7 minutes on a high heat.

Add the cream and then the smoked paprika - stir well. Salt and pepper to taste.

Garnish with broad leaf parsley and serve with a mountain of fresh crusty bread!

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Cutie said...

I thought Fish chowder is milky white in colour. I remember that was what it was when I saw it in UK. Just wondering whether there is such soup call Meat chowder. Instead of putting seafood, will adding meat ingrediants creates a nice chowder?

Orce Serrano Hams said...

You are absolutely right, fish chowder is usually white, the orange colouring in this one comes from the smoked paprika. Chowder can be made from corn/bacon/onions etc as well although fish is the most popular. Chorizo and ham/sausage might be a nice combination.. :) Definatly one for the winter!