12 September 2008

A Spanish Breakfast

Breakfast or "Desayuno" is a family affair in the cave house, especially at weekends. After a 6km bike ride in the campo with the dog chasing behind its good to come back and have a big breakfast! The antique table (mesa camilla) was aquired from a friend shortly after we moved to Spain. Years ago it would have had a long tablecloth draped over to retain the heat from a round metal plate at the base which would have been used to house hot coals from the fire. These can still be seen today used in the same way by some of the older generation.

So... some fruit, tomatoes on toast with olive oil and morcilla with a fried egg for me. I remember when I was younger being non too keen on black pudding but the Spanish version soon got me (and all of us) persuaded. You can even buy a "picante" version which is sure to wake you up even if a bike ride doesn't.

And this is where it all goes on - the cave kitchen, running water and electricity :) For more information on Spanish black pudding and other types of cured sausages read the article "Secrets of Spanish Sausages"

Next up: Herbs, essentials for the Spanish kitchen

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