21 November 2008

Cave Cooking

So what is it like cooking in a cave? Well, in the early days we cooked in a caravan that we spent three months in whilst renovating our "hole in the mountain" bathroom first then the kitchen - the most important rooms in any home. The whole "cave" concept has really taken off in Andalucia, we have even built a website around it so if just in case you think we are a little on the mad side take a look at Livinginacave.com

Below is a very early pic from 2004 of what is now the cave living room.

Now it looks a little differnet..

It's good to have more than one cooking area and depending on the time of year dictates to a certain extent which Spanish recipes we dabble in. In summer its the BBQ in winter its the log burning stove and for everything else the good old gas cooker! Living in a Spanish cave is certainly differnet but is very "eco" they are well insulated, safe and cost effective to run. The community is also a major factor why we enjoy this style of living, friendly locals, our Spanish neighbours are great and fiestas are, well FIESTAS! Cards and brandy in front of the fire at Christmas always results in some great tapas and a fantastic atmosphere.

If you need more space....just dig out a room

More on Spanish cave lifestyle and cooking coming up.

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Anonymous said...

That looks, oh, so cosy with the fire going and lovely and cool in summer.